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what if you have one of the MANY MANY MANY crap ass Smarttrip cards? I have purchased (and yes.. registered ONLINE) so many damn cards I can NOT seem to get one that will work with anything relating too consistency… if it the readers? at some stations those things look like old Credit Card impression machines (meaning they are old and clunky) so… dont always judge people because Metro is using inferior cards and or Metro has yet to update/upgrade their card readers… I dread using the metro because I know my card is flawed but I still have like 20 bucks on it and damn if my broke ass is just going to "write it off" and I have requested a new card… a few times… guess what? hasnt come yet… shocker!

Get your card out of your purse or backpack BEFORE you stand in front of the turnstile. Tools who block the turnstile for everyone else behind them while they dig in their purses or backpacks bite.

Eric, can't you trade your card in for a new one and get the credit put on it?

You forgot the famous "side step shuffle" often required when one of the Japanese fans do not cooperate. ;D

Not exactly, Kid. It's $5 for a new one. There's no free trade in, even if its defective.

I'm going to disagree with you on one point - leaving the SmarTrip card in my wallet is not an attempt to be cool (I know better than to try that) it's a preservation method. I find the less you handle and/or bend the card the better your chances of preventing the card from crapping out. I've had only two cards since they were introduced in 1999. One lasted until 2007 when it was stolen, and was replaced by the card I stil use; maybe I've been lucky. Also there's never been a problem with reading the card through the wallet, but it helps that I have a fairly thin wallet. Of course, to prevent being a jerk, one has to get the wallet out and ready before approaching the gate.

I have been using my metro card over 10 years and never had any problems I have never taken it out of my wallet. You should, however, have it as the outermost card in your wallet. The stupid "one gate side opens" (or is delayed) is an issue, if you are moving at the pace described you will ram into it (possibly ruining the cell phone in your pocket). (I just read the "defective" policy... if THEY deem it "defective" they will replace it without fee.)

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