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I guess when women start taking the initiative (and risk) to start asking men out and making advances on men, they can start complaining about our advances being sexually charged.

Please do a follow-up post with the hate mail you receive. Keep up the good work.

Your insight was about how women are put upon by straight men, but just think what gay men have to put up with from other gay men. Just cause you're both gay doesn't make the creepy stares and stupid idle conversation automatically welcome, especially when they get in the way of the creepy stares and idle conversation you are directing at someone else. Men are pigs, indeed, and two pigs together don't always make bacon. (OK, sometimes they do.)

(PS - As for your intern lunch - clearly your wife doesn't read your blog. I hope.)

17th street,

great point and put in the perfect way.

My wife not only doesn't read my blog - she has no idea I can read and write. She thinks I'm there to move heavy things and mow.

^^^ You forgot be a walking ATM.

Tears of laughter are coursing down my face as I type this. Your post was hilarious and and so insightful! Men can't help gawking at women; it's your genes/jeans. Now that I'm an older, married, overweight lady, comments from men no longer bother me. HOWEVER, for many years I walked a mile each way to work past what seemed to be an unending line of construction sites. It was a gauntlet of sexual harrassment and embarrassing comments it took me a long time to get over. Still, I get that men are pre-programmed to act like lechers when they spot a pretty female. As long as they don't act on their hormone-induced desires, I believe in "sticks and stones. . . . but words will never hurt me."

P.S. I'm going to share this with my gay brother and see what he has to say about himself ;-}

You may be somebody using a locker for the first time in your life or you may be a seasoned gym rat. Good locker room etiquette should still be practiced. Do not break the following rules, and both you and your neighbors will have a better locker room experience.

I know how wide open your awareness has to be, to see not so pleasant things in yourself that you once judged others for. And you are able to see it through the illusion of differences. Good work.

Keep working out. Slowly but surely drop the sandwiches and unhealthy food. Then all the working out will pay off.

I don't mind it when men look at me. You're alive, sexual beings. Don't touch, and all is fine. I smile back, no matter what. I try to flirt with the oldest, least fit men I can find. I want them to remember they're alive.

-a hot girl at the gym

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