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You are a sad person.

Who are ya'll to judge? Ya'll ain't Jesus or nuthin'.

Hysterical! John Fudez makes it even funnier.

You, on the other hand, are definitely not a loser having spent Christmas Day in a coffee shop you hate with people you hate while your wife and kid where somewhere else.

That's all I'm going to say.

I am a Starbucks squatter since I am waiting for a job to start...in the meantime, I am saving Internet fees by using Starbucks as my base of operations -- meaning I am here with my laptop all the time...Yes, there are weirdos here..

At Annandale:

Mark, a drippy-eyed loser who just came out of a coma who squats all day hunting women on the Internet with a photo that is two decades old. He has puss running out of his eyes, is unemployed, living on disability, and hunts gorgeous women with six figure income jobs online expecting that "love with conquer all" and that his status as an unemployed disabled man who will not "hurt" women like those other mean men makes him a huge catch. He cries when women tell him they aren't interested, follows them to their cars and asks them to pull out their ear phones to inform them the music is making his sentimental. He will then look into the woman's eyes as if to create a romantic moment.

THen there is the Korean weirdo who doesn't speak English and waves furiously at everyone who comes by -- his form of greeting -- and then plants himself in front of every woman hoping that as an unemployed middle aged man living off the state who can't speak English, an American woman will just find his irresistible and offer him sex.

There are the other weirdos -- like the gang of lesbian women with and various men who are here to pick up women.

As soon as my job comes through I am out of here, but the OP is absolutely right...weirdos abound at Starbucks.

You spent a week studying random people at a Starbucks instead of being with your family and yet you are calling other people weird. Projection much?

Lol - love this, Me. Kanus. You are not only a funny fellow, but in this case at least, painfully on point. Working at Sbux since being laid off a year and a half ago has been helpful financially, of course, and I have some likeable co-workers AND customers, just not the regulars, who are mostly like the sketchy guys who smell like pee and try to chat up any woman under the age of dead at public libraries. Ack. I am not just annoyed, Mr. Kanus, I am terrified.

On point. I googled this article for the same observation because I noticed the same cult like existence. It seems to be a cross between snobs and attention whores, and not necessarily separate. They seem to be loners who want to be around people but dont want to associate with them atleast thats the appearance. Then There's the elderly man who brings his dog, hoping his dog would "attract" conversation from someone. Obviously someone usually falls for it, because Ive seen him there more than a few times. He begs for eye contact. There is a difference between friendly and wanting attention.

So why does it matter if someone is looking for attention? We all do.

Show me a person pointing out all the losers, and I'll show you a huge fucking loser.

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