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4 years ago Comcast claimed I didn't return my cable box, so they sent me to collections. When I moved back, I was concerned I would have to settle my debt in order to get service. Through their incompetence, they failed to notice and gave me a new box without a deposit.

Nice rant, Brad. Good stuff. I think Comcast's service gets shittier the more high tech you are. I am as lo-tech as it gets. I have an old 32" cathode ray TV, no HD, no Blu-Ray, no DVR, no nothing. Just cable TV with On Demand (though I rarely watch it) so I can watch sports and my shit works great ALL THE TIME (knock on wood).

In fact, I actually give Comcast props for immediately caving financially at every threat I make to quit. At least once a year (in fact, I'm due now), I call and threaten to quit just to pay less. Shit, they'll boost my internet speed and throw in six months of HBO to start.

I hate Comcast because it wants to control as much of the nation's information content as possible, but I have to give it props for bending over at my every whim.

You say you go to confession before calling customer service, but I wonder if you're truly penitent?

Hi there!

I work for Comcast and I wanted to offer my help so that we can address your concerns.

If you don't mind, will you please contact me; provide the phone and address associated with your account? Also, please include a link to this page as a point of reference.

We apologize for the trouble.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Since our On Demand hasn't worked for a week and I just did the "unplug the box" dance of futility, I came across your letter. My husband and I will stand on different corners of Clarendon in a coordinated Uverse campaign if you like.
Thanks for the laughs.
-A fellow Clarendonian

All I can say is if you want Comcast to take you seriously, file a complaint at http://www.bbb.org. Trust me, it actually works!

I hate comcast with a bloody passion. 4 months with no Internet and on demand...

Three years later and Brad, it still continues! Dealing with error 14 have reset my box countless times only to have customer service do the same. Now I have to wait for 3 days to have someone come out and do something!! Nice letter unfortunately nothing has changed

So tonight it happened again to me.. After months, I finally took the day off. Waited for the guy... The technician unscrewed all my wires, told me I was not getting good signals, but it worked when he left. Told me to take the box back myself since he did not have the replacement if I had problems again! Less than a week later no on demand!

Spot on, Brad. I'm doing the error code 14 dance in Minneapolis, and it is the SOS with Comcast.

Error 14 in Minneapolis as well! Technician at my house 2 weeks ago. Comcast charged me for for that when they said they wouldn't. Now it's not working again. I know they're just going to duck me around so I'm not even going to call. Except to cancel every. fuckking. Thing.

Brad, you've made a great point and are absolutely spot on. Only trouble is: your letter was written in Sept 2012; it is Nov 2016 and I'm dealing with ERROR 14. WTF? In 4 years they still have you unplug the box! Guess if it's broken, don't fix it and people still have to stick with you. How is it working for us- It's NOT. Such a great tech company and 4 years later they still haven't put out a patch to fix error 14... It is their faulty equipment and software. It's the only service offered in our condo complex, so we are stuck, paying for no service.

OH geez....reading all these posts is very disheartening! First, I would like to applaud Brad for his very well-written (IMO) letter to Comcast. It very clearly conveys the frustration and disappointment of the customer. Obviously, and sadly, Comcast is not listening.

I ran into general problems last week with my cable box. They managed to walk me through "fixing" it, though it took some doing. I don't understand why the cable guide stops working to begin with, but maybe I'm not enough of a techie.

I rarely watch Xfinity OnDemand, but look forward to doing it when I have something in mind I want to see. In this case, an episode of a series that I missed this past week. I just assumed I would be able to catch up. However, when I attempted to this afternoon, I too get the Error 14 - UGH!!! Minneapolis area. I am so very disappointed. I guess I will look up the number to call and start the process, but based on what I've read, I'm thinking..."why bother?" and "this is not how I would like to spend my precious time".

Brad, I loved your letter; do you still do business with this shitty company? I like many others are stuck with their awful service because our homeowners association made a long term agreement with them. Every time I have a problem whether it's with On Demand going down or billing problems that come up every two to three months I have to drive to a local office twenty miles each way to get things straightened out. The people at the office are helpful most of the time and when I threaten to cancel my service they bend over backwards to keep me like the previous writer said reducing my charges or offering something extra; but this gets tiresome. Their phone support sucks; it usually takes me more than twenty minutes to speak with a live person and then it's someone in the Philippines or India who you can't understand. This company wants to take over the world; in my opinion the people in charge are nothing but a bunch of crooks and all belong behind bars. Whatever happened to free market competition? Thank you Democrats for allowing this rotten company to take over the cable industry.

This post rocks. We just returned to our Florida condo in a great mood until we hit the Comcast store in Venice. In 2017 or some time in 2016 they turned off our service, apparently one of our renters with their own account owed them $15,which I paid to expedite things. The new boxes would not work, so they sent a tech, he tried 4 boxes before getting it working. Four months later I started getting collections calls for.. Noone even knew what for. 15 calls later, it turns out they charged me for the technician to come out. Never said anything about that, plus never sent a bill, plus their equipment failed. And they couldn't fix it unless I went to the local office, which is 1200 miles away from my PA home.
Frustrated to the nth degree today.. I came across this post and have been laughing ever since.. I may have shitty cable and no On Demand, but thank you Brad, for helping me laugh, when I wanted to scream.
Laughter is the best medicine!

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